I specialise in graphic design, branding & illustration.

I am a Copenhagen-based graphic designer and illustrator, originally from Lithuania. After 7 years of my life in Denmark Scandinavian mentality, style and design have made a huge impact on my development personally and as a creative. Having finished education in Brand Design (2018) and Multimedia Design & Communication (2014), as well as carrying on learning and practicing illustration tricks, I seek to proceed improving myself professionally as a visual creative.

I thrive working with diverse projects that let me play with shapes and colors, explore different moods and stories, dig deep into research and analysis and apply the critical thinking when it comes to solving problems regarding branding. My interests vary from the food industry concepts and design, fine arts, books, layout and prints to the most digital concepts like app making, UX, and game design.

I am open to new projects and always interested in possible creative collaborations.

Don't hesitate to say hello!
+45 27337495